How will you pack my items?


We repack every item that our customers have won or ordered through us. The reason being is sellers often send items to us in very little packaging because Japanese couriers are usually really careful with packages. This is often not the case is other countries. Furthermore, your items will be traveling a significantly longer distance and that may be on an airplane or boat, so items need to be packaged correctly in order for them to survive the journey.

What kind of packing materials do you use?

Most items are bubble wrapped. We then either decide if it should go in a box or padded bag. We try to match the correct size box or bag to your item(s) so that we can keep the weight down which leads to less shipping costs for you, while still keeping the items safe. We try to recycle boxes and packing materials we receive from sellers wherever possible as it is good for the environment, rather than just throwing them away and using brand new boxes and other packing materials and then overloading Japan’s trash system even further.

Can I make special packing requests?

Yes, you can. However, please be aware that we do this every day and we have a lot of experience in sending items, so it is usually best to leave it up to us. There may be an additional charge if the packing takes considerably extra time or extra materials.

If you have any questions, please contact us.