How long will you hold items for me?

As you would probably know, Japan is extremely limited on space. This means that we are unable to store items indefinitely as it costs us money to do so. If we did that, we would need an extremely large warehouse, which means more overheads, which means we have to charge a higher service fee. Most customers don’t want that, so that is why we have set the following rules. The times are from when the item arrives at our warehouse.

The general rule we operate by is if the items are small, then we will hold them up for up to 1 month without charging any storage fees. A small item is something under 2kg and fits in Japan Post’s small category which is 3 sides summed up to a maximum size of 90cm. This is generally things like books, magazines, CDs, games, and so on.

Medium sized items generally is about 2 weeks. This would be items over 2kg but under about 10kg and not large items like car aero parts.

Large items like car aero parts or heavy items like sets of wheels etc we would really like the shipping paid for within 1 week.

These rules are not set in stone and we can be flexible if you contact us in advance. For example, if you are bidding on multiple items to combine, let us know and we can discuss time frames with you. That way we can plan our storage accordingly and you can have some extra time to find the items you are after and then save money by combining everything together for shipping.

If you do not contact us in advance, we will need to charge 1,000 yen per week storage fee until the final invoice has been paid.

Please note: While we try to protect all items as best as we can, we will not be held liable for any damage that occurs to items stored longer than the specified times above.

If you do not pay for your items (shipping, commission etc) within 6 months, you will forfeit them. You will not receive a refund. For Australian customers who pay in AUD, the limit is 3 months.

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