Which domestic shipping method will you choose from the seller to your warehouse?

In general, we choose the cheapest domestic shipping method that the seller offers to save you money. If the item is expensive or rare, then we may opt to use a shipping method from the seller that comes with tracking and insurance. This may be more expensive, but will cover your product in case of any damage in transit from the seller to our warehouse. We will make a judgement call at the time.

If you have a preferred doemstic shipping method from the seller to our warehouse (not international shipping), please tell us before the auction finishes. In the case of a “buy now” auction, please reply to the automated email from our system that says your item has been ordered.


How will you pack my items?


We repack every item that our customers have won or ordered through us. The reason being is sellers often send items to us in very little packaging because Japanese couriers are usually really careful with packages. This is often not the case is other countries. Furthermore, your items will be traveling a significantly longer distance and that may be on an airplane or boat, so items need to be packaged correctly in order for them to survive the journey.

What kind of packing materials do you use?

Most items are bubble wrapped. We then either decide if it should go in a box or padded bag. We try to match the correct size box or bag to your item(s) so that we can keep the weight down which leads to less shipping costs for you, while still keeping the items safe. We try to recycle boxes and packing materials we receive from sellers wherever possible as it is good for the environment, rather than just throwing them away and using brand new boxes and other packing materials and then overloading Japan’s trash system even further.

Can I make special packing requests?

Yes, you can. However, please be aware that we do this every day and we have a lot of experience in sending items, so it is usually best to leave it up to us. There may be an additional charge if the packing takes considerably extra time or extra materials.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

I have paid my final invoice. When will you ship my package?

Thank you for paying the final invoice.

Express packages

If you paid for express shipping like EMS or DHL, your package will usually ship the same or next business day. If there will be be any significant delays in shipping your package, we will notify you by email.

Non express packages

If you paid for a non express service like SAL or sea post etc, then we will ship them on business days where we have EMS packages to send. This is because Japan Post will not pick up certain types of packages without express packages.

Tracking numbers

All packages that we ship come with online tracking. We will send you the tracking number once we have prepared the shipping documents. We will notify you of when we will ship your package in the email that contains your tracking number.

Please note:

  • If you paid in AUD in to our Australian bank account or your PayPal payment was an eCheck, then we will only send once your payment has cleared in to our account.
  • There may also be delays in shipping due to natural disasters like typhoons or earthquakes etc.
  • Packages will not be shipped on weekends or national holidays.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

My package is taking longer than expected. What should I do?

If you check the online tracking of your package and your package is taking longer than the estimated times for shipping method you paid for, please contact us.

Please note: That there are no refunds or discounts for late packages as all shipping times are estimates and should only be used as a guide.

Estimated shipping times:

All times are business days only and do not include weekends/holidays etc.

Japan Post

EMS – Approximately 3 to 7 days

SAL – Approximately 2 to 3 weeks

Sea post – Approximately 6 to 12 weeks

e-Packet – Approximately 6 to 12 days

SAL small packet – Approximately 2 to 3 weeks

Please note: Postal services give priority to express services like EMS so that often means delays are more common with cheaper shipping options. There may also be other delays due to natural disasters like floods or typhoons etc.


Worldwide Express – Approximately 2 to 4 days

When should you contact us?

You should contact us at least a week after the longest estimated time for your shipping method. So, if you chose SAL for example, you should contact us if you have not received the package after 4 weeks.

At the same time, we recommend that you contact your local postal service by phone to the central call center. The local post offices usually won’t be able to help like the central call center can. See if they can do anything first as the quickest result often comes from the receiver’s end as that postal service has the package so they can action it quicker than Japan Post can.

What will we do?

The first thing we will do is add your package to our list of packages that get checked every day. We watch the packages and see if they move. If it does not move after about a week, then we will file an investigation with Japan Post to see if they can find out what has happened to the package and if they can get it moving on it’s way to you.

How long do investigations take?

Investigations can generally take a month or more to get a response. The reason it takes so long is because it has to go from the post office we sent the package from, all the way up to the chain in Japan Post to the international post office and then over to your country’s postal service, down the chain to the local area where the package is and then all the way back again. As you can imagine, there are a lot of people that it passes through so that is why it takes so long to get an answer. That is why we recommend you get in contact with your local postal service as well.

What happens next?

That depends on the outcome of the investigation. Hopefully, the package has been found and it ends up making it’s way to you. That is the best result.

If the package ends up being lost, Japan Post or DHL will pay out insurance up to the value that the package is insured for. We will then refund that amount back to you. If you paid for a shipping method with limited insurance coverage, you will only be refunded up to that amount, plus the cost of international shipping. If you paid for full coverage, then you will receive the full amount back, including the international shipping.


My item arrived damaged. What should I do?

Firstly, we are sorry to hear your item arrived damaged.

We spend a lot of time and money on repacking items so they will arrive safely, but unfortunately sometimes couriers can damage packages in ways that are completely unexpected. We have even seen items that have been run over by the courier’s truck! No amount of bubble wrap can save the day in that situation.

The first thing to do is please take photos of the damage.

What we need pictures of:

  • The actual damage to the item close up
  • Overall shot(s) of the item showing where the damage is
  • The outside of the box or packaging materials showing the damage

Once you have those photos, please send them to us along with any other information you have. For example, if the courier told you it fell out of the truck etc.

The next step is filing an insurance claim.

Please note: We cannot file claims for used items that were already damaged before shipping.

For items sent by Japan Post

Please take the item(s) and the packaging down to your nearest post office. Please make sure it is an official post office branch and not a local post office in a newsagent or general store.

Ask the post office clerk for an international shipping damage claim form. This form varies by country, but it will always have a unique claim number on it. Fill in this form and submit it to the post office. They will give you a copy of the form. Please send scan or take a photo of the form and send it to us.

Why do we need the claim form? Japan Post will not accept damage claims without proof that the item was actually damaged. The only proof they accept for damaged items is that official claim form as that means the item has been seen by a post office clerk in the receiver’s country and they have verified that yes, the item was damaged.

Once we have that claim form, we will file the damage claim with Japan Post. The process generally takes about 2 to 3 months to receive the payout from Japan Post. The reason it takes so long is it needs to go up the chain to the international post office here in Japan, then they contact your country’s postal service, eg USPS, and then they launch their own investigation in to what happened. Then it has to go back up the chain, back across to Japan, and then back down the chain to us. That is why there is so much time involved.

We will contact you once the claim has been approved and paid to us.

Please note that if you chose a cheaper shipping method that did not have full insurance then you will only receive a payout up to that limited insurance amount. We cannot cover the difference for you as you chose that shipping method in our online billing system.

For items sent by DHL

All packages sent by DHL come with insurance. We will contact our DHL representative and file the insurance claim. You do need need to do anything until we contact you again with updates. DHL is generally quite quick and pays claims within about a month or so.



What shipping methods do you use?

We use Japan Post, DHL, and Yamato to send items to our customers. Please note that all services are delivered door to door so you do not have to pick up products at ports or depots.

Japan Post

EMS – Approximately 3 to 7 days to most places in the world by air. This is the most expensive option, but also the fastest. EMS also offers the best shipping insurance in case something goes wrong. (currently unavailable to many countries due to covid-19)

SAL – Approximately 2 to 3 weeks to most places in the world by air/ground. This is a mid-range shipping option that works out a little cheaper than EMS on a lot of items, but is slightly slower. Unlike EMS, insurance is limited. (currently unavailable due to covid-19)

Sea post – Approximately 6 to 9 weeks to most places in the world by sea. This is the slowest shipping option, but also the most cost effective. Sea post, like SAL, has limited insurance.

e-Packet – This is special online only service from Japan Post for small items up to 2kg. It is cheaper than EMS and takes a few days longer. It is a really great balanced option for small packages. (currently unavailable to many countries due to covid-19)

SAL small packet – This is special online only service from Japan Post for small items up to 2kg. It is cheaper than e-Packet and takes a little longer. It is the cheapest shipping method available for small packages. (currently unavailable due to covid-19)


DHL Worldwide Express – DHL is best for large, heavy items like wheels. DHL can also be used for items that over over Japan Post’s maximum size/weight limits. DHL takes around 2 to 4 days (plus covid-19 related delays) to almost anywhere in the world. DHL is also a fast alternative to EMS, which is currently not available to many countries due to covid-19.


Yamato International Courier – Yamato is best for smaller packages. Usually takes around 7 to 10 days (plus covid-19 related delays). For small items under 2kg and under 60 size (length + width + height < 60cm), it is only a little more expensive than EMS was so it can be a more cost effective option compared to DHL if you don’t mind waiting a few  extra days.

All of the above options come with online tracking so you can keep an eye on the package as it makes it way to you.