Frequently Asked Questions

To save a search or set up auction alert emails, you first need to save a search. Please follow the steps below to save a search.

How to save a search

Step 1: Enter a search query in to the search box



Step 2: On the search page, adjust the filters to suit your search and then click “Filter search results”




Step 3: Click the “Save this search/set up email alerts” button



Step 4: Enter a label for your search and click “Save search”



You will now be taken to your saved searches page where you can add email alerts and delete searches etc.



How to set up email alerts

Would you like to be notified by email automatically when an auction item is listed? You can do that by using this system.

Step 1: On the saved searches page, click “Add email alert”



The email alert box will expand and you will see all of the options for setting up an email alert



Step 2: Select the day of the week you would like to receive alerts

Please note that all times are in Japan Standard Time (JST ) UTC+09:00.


Step 3: Select the time of the day you would like to receive the email alert



Step 4: Select how many auctions you would like to be sent in the email

Please note: If there are less than the number of auctions you select available, you will only receive that many. For example, if you select 20 but only 5 auctions are available, you will only receive 5 auctions in the email.



Step 5: Click the “Add alert” button



That’s it! You will now receive automatic emails containing the auctions listed in your search

Please note: You will only receive each auction listing once. For example, if you receive auction ID l481952976 on Sunday at 9:00 AM, you will not receive it again. You will be sent different auctions each time.



If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


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