Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, we are sorry to hear your item arrived damaged.

We spend a lot of time and money on repacking items so they will arrive safely, but unfortunately sometimes couriers can damage packages in ways that are completely unexpected. We have even seen items that have been run over by the courier’s truck! No amount of bubble wrap can save the day in that situation.

The first thing to do is please take photos of the damage.

What we need pictures of:

  • The actual damage to the item close up
  • Overall shot(s) of the item showing where the damage is
  • The outside of the box or packaging materials showing the damage

Once you have those photos, please send them to us along with any other information you have. For example, if the courier told you it fell out of the truck etc.

The next step is filing an insurance claim.

Please note: We cannot file claims for used items that were already damaged before shipping.

For items sent by Japan Post

Please take the item(s) and the packaging down to your nearest post office. Please make sure it is an official post office branch and not a local post office in a newsagent or general store.

Ask the post office clerk for an international shipping damage claim form. This form varies by country, but it will always have a unique claim number on it. Fill in this form and submit it to the post office. They will give you a copy of the form. Please send scan or take a photo of the form and send it to us.

Why do we need the claim form? Japan Post will not accept damage claims without proof that the item was actually damaged. The only proof they accept for damaged items is that official claim form as that means the item has been seen by a post office clerk in the receiver’s country and they have verified that yes, the item was damaged.

Once we have that claim form, we will file the damage claim with Japan Post. The process generally takes about 2 to 3 months to receive the payout from Japan Post. The reason it takes so long is it needs to go up the chain to the international post office here in Japan, then they contact your country’s postal service, eg USPS, and then they launch their own investigation in to what happened. Then it has to go back up the chain, back across to Japan, and then back down the chain to us. That is why there is so much time involved.

We will contact you once the claim has been approved and paid to us.

Please note that if you chose a cheaper shipping method that did not have full insurance then you will only receive a payout up to that limited insurance amount. We cannot cover the difference for you as you chose that shipping method in our online billing system.

For items sent by DHL

All packages sent by DHL come with insurance. We will contact our DHL representative and file the insurance claim. You do need need to do anything until we contact you again with updates. DHL is generally quite quick and pays claims within about a month or so.



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