Frequently Asked Questions

If you check the online tracking of your package and your package is taking longer than the estimated times for shipping method you paid for, please contact us.

Please note: That there are no refunds or discounts for late packages as all shipping times are estimates and should only be used as a guide.

Estimated shipping times:

All times are business days only and do not include weekends/holidays etc.

Japan Post

EMS – Approximately 3 to 7 days

SAL – Approximately 2 to 3 weeks

Sea post – Approximately 6 to 12 weeks

e-Packet – Approximately 6 to 12 days

SAL small packet – Approximately 2 to 3 weeks

Please note: Postal services give priority to express services like EMS so that often means delays are more common with cheaper shipping options. There may also be other delays due to natural disasters like floods or typhoons etc.


Worldwide Express – Approximately 2 to 4 days

When should you contact us?

You should contact us at least a week after the longest estimated time for your shipping method. So, if you chose SAL for example, you should contact us if you have not received the package after 4 weeks.

At the same time, we recommend that you contact your local postal service by phone to the central call center. The local post offices usually won’t be able to help like the central call center can. See if they can do anything first as the quickest result often comes from the receiver’s end as that postal service has the package so they can action it quicker than Japan Post can.

What will we do?

The first thing we will do is add your package to our list of packages that get checked every day. We watch the packages and see if they move. If it does not move after about a week, then we will file an investigation with Japan Post to see if they can find out what has happened to the package and if they can get it moving on it’s way to you.

How long do investigations take?

Investigations can generally take a month or more to get a response. The reason it takes so long is because it has to go from the post office we sent the package from, all the way up to the chain in Japan Post to the international post office and then over to your country’s postal service, down the chain to the local area where the package is and then all the way back again. As you can imagine, there are a lot of people that it passes through so that is why it takes so long to get an answer. That is why we recommend you get in contact with your local postal service as well.

What happens next?

That depends on the outcome of the investigation. Hopefully, the package has been found and it ends up making it’s way to you. That is the best result.

If the package ends up being lost, Japan Post or DHL will pay out insurance up to the value that the package is insured for. We will then refund that amount back to you. If you paid for a shipping method with limited insurance coverage, you will only be refunded up to that amount, plus the cost of international shipping. If you paid for full coverage, then you will receive the full amount back, including the international shipping.


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