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As Yahoo does not allow cancellation of bids on any auctions, we cannot accept any bid cancellations either, as you are bidding on live auctions with our Yahoo accounts. Once the bid is placed it is final.

One option that is available is to reduce your maximum bid and hope you are outbid. If you would like to do that, please contact us. If you still win the auction after reducing your maximum bid, you will still be charged for the auction and will need to pay shipping costs and our service fee.

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Yes, that is no problem at all. In fact, on many auctions of new items, it is best to check stock with the seller before bidding/buying.

Please contact us and include the following information:

  • The auction id or link to the auction
  • If there are options like color or size, please tell us your preference
  • Quantity you would like to bid on or buy

We will then contact the seller and ask them for you. Once we hear back from them, we will let you know what the seller said.


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If your return is about an item damaged in transit

Please see this question.

If your return is not about an item damaged in transit

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to accept returns. We are a freight forwarder so we are not the seller of any of the items won on Yahoo Auctions. We receive the items you win, we pack them, and then we forward them on to you.

Furthermore, sellers on Yahoo Auctions almost never accept returns. That means that even if you return the item to us, we cannot return it to the seller. As we have paid the seller on your behalf using the funds you sent through to us, if we were to refund you, we would be at a huge loss.

These are the risks when bidding on Yahoo Auctions so please take them in to account when placing bids on Yahoo Auctions through our service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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We sure can! We have an online self-bidding site here. You can browse Yahoo Auctions in English as well as bid on items through our system. You can even see prices in your local currency.

We have including many more features to help make bidding/buying easy on Yahoo Auctions. There is a snipe bid option to grab a bargain at the last minute, there is also watch list so you can save auctions you are interested in, and much more. You don’t even need an up-front deposit if you have a Paypal account!

As always, if you would like us to check the auction beforehand, or supply you with a rough shipping estimate, please let us know and we can take care of that for you.

For more information, please see our Yahoo Auctions buying guide.


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No, you will not be charged any fees if you do not win the auction.

If you used our PayPal pre-authorization system, we will void the transaction and the hold will be removed from your PayPal account.

If you paid directly by PayPal or bank transfer, please contact us and we can refund your deposit. Please note that as PayPal does not refund the transaction fees, we cannot refund that part of your PayPal payment. It is best to use the PayPal pre-authorization system where possible.

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Please read our guide here.

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Step 1 – Searching

You browse through the auctions and select the item(s) you wish to buy/bid on. You can do this by browsing categories or alternatively searching with keywords.

Step 1a – Quoting

If you need a shipping quote, you can either use the automated shipping quote (quick quote). If you would like us to check the item or quote manually, please contact us and we can do that for you. If you have any questions about the item, please ask at this time. Bids cannot be cancelled on Yahoo Auctions so please make sure you ask any questions you have before bidding.

Please note: The auction bid price does not include shipping or our service fee.

Step 2 – Bidding

You place place your bid/buy now using the place bid option. When you place the bid, a hold for your bid amount will be placed on your account. This is so we can use that money to pay the seller if you win.

Note: If you do not have enough credit in your account, you will be prompted to complete a Paypal pre-authorization.

Step 3 – After auction finishes

You will receive an email notifying you if you won the auction or not.

If you won the auction

If you won the auction, then we will contact the seller and pay them for you. You do not need to contact the seller. Once we have confirmed payment/organised domestic shipping with the seller, we will update the status of your item in our database.

If you bid using Paypal pre-authorization, we will process your payment shortly after the auction is won.

You can view the status of your won items in your KaiGuys account ordered item statuses page.

If you did not win the auction

If you do not win, then the hold will be removed from your account. You can then either use that credit to bid/buy other items, or request a refund. We only refund on request as many customers like to bid on other items if they don’t win something.

If you bid using Paypal pre-authorization, we will void your payment shortly after the auction is won. No funds will be taken from your Paypal account if you lose.

Step 4 – Domestic shipping to us

We wait for the item to arrive to our warehouse in Osaka. This can take a week or so, depending on where in Japan the item is coming from.

Step 5 – Packing

We will then pack the item and combine the items based on the choice you made when you placed the bid/bought the item (wherever possible/safe to do so).

Step 6 – Final invoice

We will send you a link to our online billing system where you do the following:

  • Enter your address
  • Compare and select your preferred shipping method based on speed and price
  • Leave notes for our staff
  • Pay any outstanding balance

If you are owed a refund at this time, we will process that for you after you have completed the online billing system process.

Step 7 – International shipping to you

Once you have paid the final amount owing, we will ship your package(s) via your selected shipping method. If there is a refund owing, we will refund that amount back to you at that time.

Step 8 – You receive the item

This is where you enjoy the item you the item you won on Yahoo Auction Japan and hopefully recommend us to your friends!


If you have any questions at any stage of the process, please contact us.


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To save a search or set up auction alert emails, you first need to save a search. Please follow the steps below to save a search.

How to save a search

Step 1: Enter a search query in to the search box



Step 2: On the search page, adjust the filters to suit your search and then click “Filter search results”




Step 3: Click the “Save this search/set up email alerts” button



Step 4: Enter a label for your search and click “Save search”



You will now be taken to your saved searches page where you can add email alerts and delete searches etc.



How to set up email alerts

Would you like to be notified by email automatically when an auction item is listed? You can do that by using this system.

Step 1: On the saved searches page, click “Add email alert”



The email alert box will expand and you will see all of the options for setting up an email alert



Step 2: Select the day of the week you would like to receive alerts

Please note that all times are in Japan Standard Time (JST ) UTC+09:00.


Step 3: Select the time of the day you would like to receive the email alert



Step 4: Select how many auctions you would like to be sent in the email

Please note: If there are less than the number of auctions you select available, you will only receive that many. For example, if you select 20 but only 5 auctions are available, you will only receive 5 auctions in the email.



Step 5: Click the “Add alert” button



That’s it! You will now receive automatic emails containing the auctions listed in your search

Please note: You will only receive each auction listing once. For example, if you receive auction ID l481952976 on Sunday at 9:00 AM, you will not receive it again. You will be sent different auctions each time.



If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


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Please contact us as soon as possible. While we cannot offer any refunds as you are responsible for whatever you bid on, we may be able to assist you with either reselling the item or sending it via an alternate shipping method.

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If you have won an auction that has a choice of colors/sizes etc, please contact us and let us know what your preference is. The best way to contact us after the auction has finished is to reply to the automatic email that our system sends you notifying you of winning the auction. That email has all of the auction details in it so it makes it really easy for us to know which auction it is.

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So, you just found the item you have been dreaming of and you are ready to bid. However, did you know there are 2 ways to bid on Yahoo Auctions? Those are Bid and Buyout/Buy Now.

Confused? Don’t be! If you If you have used eBay before, it is very similar.

Bidding on an item

This is the regular type of bid that other sites like eBay have. You place and bid and other users bid against you and the highest bidder wins the item.

Automatic bidding system

Yahoo has an automatic bidding system set up where you can set your maximum bid for the auction and not have to continually bid.

Here is an example:

If the auction has a start price of 5,000 yen with no current bids and you set a maximum bid of 10,000 yen, you will become the highest bidder at 5,000 yen. If someone else bids against you, say 5,250 yen, then Yahoo will automatically bid you up to the next minimum bid which is 5,500 yen. This is the same all the way up to your maximum bid of 10,000 yen. If someone else sets their maximum bid at 15,000 yen, they will become the highest bidder at 10,500 yen (the next minimum bid) as your bid will max out at 10,000 yen.

If no one else bids against you, your bid will not increase. That means if you set your maximum bid at 10,000 yen, you will win the auction for 5,000 yen if no one bids against you.

Please note: If you bid the “buy now” price, it will consider your bid as “buy now”. That means you will automatically win the auction at the buy now price so please be careful.

Buyout/Buy now

If the seller has set a “buy now” price, then if you choose the buy now option, you will automatically win the item. If the auction also has a bidding option, you will still become the winner.

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Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. The first reason being is that we keep track of all incoming items in our database. If we receive items that are not listed in there, it can be impossible to track down who the item belongs to. As you can imagine, that can take a lot of time on our end, as well as leading to customers being unhappy. That is the last thing we want so that is the main reason why we do not offer this service.

Another reason for not offering this service is that we need to make sure we can actually send the items that we receive in our warehouse. If items are ordered that cannot be sent, for example something that is a fire hazard, then it makes it difficult for both us and the customer. Just like the reason above, we do not want unhappy customers.

The last reason is because we track each item that comes in, we can know how much space we need to have free in our warehouse. As you would probably know, Japan is extremely limited on space, so if we don’t know what is incoming, we may receive an overload of items and may not be able to store them all safely.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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Yes, we can!

Please contact us and we will assist you with your purchase from Mercari.


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We sure can! If you send us a link to what you are after, we can get that for you.

We can also combine the items for cheaper international shipping (where applicable). Up Garage/Croooober sends each item individually from each store to you so you will pay international shipping fees on each of them items if you go through them. Please contact us if you would like a quote or to ask a question about an item from Up Garage/Croooober.

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Yes, we can! Simply go to Amazon Japan, find the item you are after and then send us the link using our contact form. If you have any questions about the item, please include those when filling out the contact form. If you would like to buy more than 1 of the item, please let us know that information as well.

Tip:  If you find an item with the Prime logo, we can get next day free domestic shipping to us. That can help save you some money!

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Yes, we can order almost anything from any shop in Japan. If the company has an online shop, then we can order from there and have it delivered to our warehouse.

Does this include items outside of Yahoo?

It sure does!

How do I order from outside of Yahoo?

Please contact us and we will assist you with that order. We recommend you send us the link to the item you are after, as well as where you are located so we can give you a shipping estimate at the same time.

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Yes, we can! Please contact us and we can arrange that for you.

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Yes, we do!

When buying from Yahoo Auctions Japan, as sellers will almost never send internationally, we have to have items sent from the seller to our warehouse in Osaka. This provides a great way to save money and that is combining multiple items together in to one box for international shipping. This is also referred to as package consolidation.

Combining /package consolidation

For example, the minimum cost for an EMS express package (3 to 5 days shipping time) is 2,000 yen and allows up to 500 grams maximum weight. If you were to send 5 x 100 gram packages, you would be up for 5 x 2,000 yen which is 10,000 yen (~$100 USD). However, if you were to put those same 5 items in to one box and the total weight was 500 grams or under, then you would only need to pay 1 x 2,000 yen (~$20 USD) EMS shipping cost. That is a saving of 8,000 yen (~$80) just by combining the items in to one box!

We don’t charge any consolidation fees so there is almost no reason not to use our package consolidation service. We will even combine your items bought through our Yahoo Shopping English site or any other place in Japan you buy from through KaiGuys for free!

Are there any downsides to combining/package consolidation?

The above example is a common way that we help our customers save money when buying from Yahoo Auctions Japan through our Yahoo Auctions Japan English site. However, there are a few caveats with combining/package consolidation.

The first one is that some items will not combine well and may end up actually costing you more money in shipping. For example, if you wanted to send 2 items by sea post which has smaller size limits than EMS express, but is a lot cheaper, and if you combined them and the box went over the maximum size limit for sea post, then you would have to pay for EMS express shipping, costing you more money.

Another issue is that some items should not be combined together as they might break the other item. Let’s say you have 2 items. The first item is a set of car brakes (calipers and rotors), and the other is a set of car headlights. They might go together well, however there is a high chance that the heavy brakes might smash the glass in the headlights during the trip from Japan to your country.

So in cases like these, it can actually be better to send the items separately. We have a lot of experience packing and sending items internationally, so if our expert staff believe your items will not combine well or will end up costing you more than sending separately, we will contact you to ask what you would like to do.

If you would like to ask us questions about combining items, please contact us.

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Yes, we do!

If you are looking to buy items from Japan to resell in your country, we do have wholesale/trade accounts that offer discounts based on the volume purchased. Please contact us for more information.

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As you would probably know, Japan is extremely limited on space. This means that we are unable to store items indefinitely as it costs us money to do so. If we did that, we would need an extremely large warehouse, which means more overheads, which means we have to charge a higher service fee. Most customers don’t want that, so that is why we have set the following rules. The times are from when the item arrives at our warehouse.

The general rule we operate by is if the items are small, then we will hold them up for up to 1 month without charging any storage fees. A small item is something under 2kg and fits in Japan Post’s small category which is 3 sides summed up to a maximum size of 90cm. This is generally things like books, magazines, CDs, games, and so on.

Medium sized items generally is about 2 weeks. This would be items over 2kg but under about 10kg and not large items like car aero parts.

Large items like car aero parts or heavy items like sets of wheels etc we would really like the shipping paid for within 1 week.

These rules are not set in stone and we can be flexible if you contact us in advance. For example, if you are bidding on multiple items to combine, let us know and we can discuss time frames with you. That way we can plan our storage accordingly and you can have some extra time to find the items you are after and then save money by combining everything together for shipping.

If you do not contact us in advance, we will need to charge 1,000 yen per week storage fee until the final invoice has been paid.

Please note: While we try to protect all items as best as we can, we will not be held liable for any damage that occurs to items stored longer than the specified times above.

If you do not pay for your items (shipping, commission etc) within 6 months, you will forfeit them. You will not receive a refund. For Australian customers who pay in AUD, the limit is 3 months.

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For items under $1000 AUD

We are not registered for GST in Australia so we will not be charging GST to our customers for items under $1000 AUD. At this stage, our packages are not being charged GST or import tax when they arrive in Australia. Unless that changes, there will be no GST to pay on items ordered through KaiGuys Japan buying service. If it does change, we will update this FAQ accordingly.

For items over $1000 AUD

You will be charged GST and import tax by the Australian government when your package arrives in Australia. This is not paid to us and we have no control over this so it will be your responsibility to pay it. Please take this in to account when ordering items over $1000.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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What are your service fees?

Service fee guide table

Size group Maximum weight Maximum Size Service fee
(% of auction final price)
Minimum service fee
Small items 2kg Japan Post small packet size
Maximum length: 60cm
Maximum size (L + W + H): 90cm
15% ¥1,000
Medium items 10kg Japan Post size limits for your country. 15% ¥1,500
Large items No limit No limit 15% ¥2,500

Please note: The sizes and limits in the above table are a guide. We will make the final decision on which category your item(s) are in.

If you item(s) require extra packing or you make special requests etc, we may need to charge extra. This will be done on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this with us.

Please contact us for a special commission rate for items over 50,000 yen.

Why do you charge a minimum commission?

The reason we have this minimum commission is because with each auction item we need to:

  • Answer questions about the item and provide shipping quotes pre-bidding
  • Process customer’s payment
  • Contact seller to arrange shipping
  • Pay the seller
  • Receive the item from courier
  • Check the item to make sure the seller sent us the correct item
  • Pack item(s) including using packing materials like bubble wrap, tape, and strapping where required
  • Measure/weigh up item(s) to calculate shipping costs
  • Send invoice to customer
  • Process customer’s final invoice payment
  • Fill out shipping documents
  • Take package(s) to post office
  • Notify customer their item(s) have been sent and provide tracking number(s)
  • Answer any questions after the item has been sent

This does not even include the other costs involved like server/programming costs so that you can use this site any time day or night to place bids and so on. As you can see, the small minimum commission does not go very far so we thank you for understanding why we have to have this system in place.

Is there a discount for buying multiple items from the same seller at the same time?

If you buy multiple items from the same seller at the same time, and the seller ships them to us together in the same box, then we combine the total item cost and count it as 1 item. This is a great way to save some money!

Please note: You need to tell us if you plan on buying more items from the same seller. If we go to contact the seller after the auction has finished and there is only one auction, we will contact and pay the seller for that item only and therefore you will not receive the discount.

Do you charge to combine items?

Items that can combine well to save on shipping costs are small items that are not fragile. If you need help with working out what may or may not combine, please ask us. Please note that shipping cost is usually based on weight, so adding items to the package increases the cost of shipping.

If you let us know before the item arrives here in Osaka that you would like to combine the item, we will not charge you for combining. If you request us to combine an item with an order that has already been packed, then we will charge a combining fee of ¥1,000.

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Unfortunately we cannot receive phone calls. The reason for this is that we operate on a low margin so in order to keep costs down, we do all communication via email. If we were to spend an hour on the phone with each customer, then we would have to charge a much higher service fee, and we are sure our customers would much prefer to save money and contact us by email instead.

Another reason that we do not accept phone calls is that if you contact us by email, we have a record of the conversation. That way we can make sure the correct item is ordered and your instructions are carried out exactly as you requested. If we did this by phone for every customer, it would be more difficult to track and may lead to issues down the track. We would much prefer no issues which means happier customers. That is what we are all about here at KaiGuys!

The final reason is that our customers are located all over the world in many different time zones. As our business hours are 9am to 6pm Japan Standard Time (JST), then customers in US/Canada/UK etc would have issues calling us as we are in a completely different time zone. Also, if we receive your questions by email, then we can make sure everyone is answered in the order they are received, that way it is the fairest system for our customers from all over the world.

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You can contact us via the our contact form.

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If there is an issue with your order, the first thing you should do is contact us.

We respond to emails in a timely manner and will do our best to help you with this situation. Please note there may be a delay in replying to the enquiry as we need time to check the full situation like contact the seller, contact the post office etc and then get back to you with an answer.

PayPal disputes

If you file a PayPal dispute without contacting us and letting us try and solve the issue for you then we can no longer assist you with the issue. Any PayPal dispute lodged without contacting us first so we can try and solve the issue will result in being blacklisted from using KaiGuys Japan buying service.

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We understand that everyone receives unexpected bills. We are pretty reasonable when it comes to this sort of thing so please contact us and we will discuss options with you. If you reach out beforehand, we are much more flexible than if we have to chase you for overdue payments.

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We accept payment via Paypal in JPY or in to our Australian bank account in AUD.


Category: Payments

The reason we charge PayPal fees is because our service fee is based on the item cost. If we were to absorb the PayPal fees, then we wouldn’t be able to stay in business. We offer other payment methods where you do not need to PayPal fees. For example, Australian customers can pay us in to our Australian bank account via netbank. We also have other options for customers outside of Australia. Please contact us if you would like to discuss payment methods.

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We repack every item that our customers have won or ordered through us. The reason being is sellers often send items to us in very little packaging because Japanese couriers are usually really careful with packages. This is often not the case is other countries. Furthermore, your items will be traveling a significantly longer distance and that may be on an airplane or boat, so items need to be packaged correctly in order for them to survive the journey.

What kind of packing materials do you use?

Most items are bubble wrapped. We then either decide if it should go in a box or padded bag. We try to match the correct size box or bag to your item(s) so that we can keep the weight down which leads to less shipping costs for you, while still keeping the items safe. We try to recycle boxes and packing materials we receive from sellers wherever possible as it is good for the environment, rather than just throwing them away and using brand new boxes and other packing materials and then overloading Japan’s trash system even further.

Can I make special packing requests?

Yes, you can. However, please be aware that we do this every day and we have a lot of experience in sending items, so it is usually best to leave it up to us. There may be an additional charge if the packing takes considerably extra time or extra materials.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Category: Shipping

Thank you for paying the final invoice.

Express packages

If you paid for express shipping like EMS or DHL, your package will usually ship the same or next business day. If there will be be any significant delays in shipping your package, we will notify you by email.

Non express packages

If you paid for a non express service like SAL or sea post etc, then we will ship them on business days where we have EMS packages to send. This is because Japan Post will not pick up certain types of packages without express packages.

Tracking numbers

All packages that we ship come with online tracking. We will send you the tracking number once we have prepared the shipping documents. We will notify you of when we will ship your package in the email that contains your tracking number.

Please note:

  • If you paid in AUD in to our Australian bank account or your PayPal payment was an eCheck, then we will only send once your payment has cleared in to our account.
  • There may also be delays in shipping due to natural disasters like typhoons or earthquakes etc.
  • Packages will not be shipped on weekends or national holidays.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Category: Shipping

Firstly, we are sorry to hear your item arrived damaged.

We spend a lot of time and money on repacking items so they will arrive safely, but unfortunately sometimes couriers can damage packages in ways that are completely unexpected. We have even seen items that have been run over by the courier’s truck! No amount of bubble wrap can save the day in that situation.

The first thing to do is please take photos of the damage.

What we need pictures of:

  • The actual damage to the item close up
  • Overall shot(s) of the item showing where the damage is
  • The outside of the box or packaging materials showing the damage

Once you have those photos, please send them to us along with any other information you have. For example, if the courier told you it fell out of the truck etc.

The next step is filing an insurance claim.

Please note: We cannot file claims for used items that were already damaged before shipping.

For items sent by Japan Post

Please take the item(s) and the packaging down to your nearest post office. Please make sure it is an official post office branch and not a local post office in a newsagent or general store.

Ask the post office clerk for an international shipping damage claim form. This form varies by country, but it will always have a unique claim number on it. Fill in this form and submit it to the post office. They will give you a copy of the form. Please send scan or take a photo of the form and send it to us.

Why do we need the claim form? Japan Post will not accept damage claims without proof that the item was actually damaged. The only proof they accept for damaged items is that official claim form as that means the item has been seen by a post office clerk in the receiver’s country and they have verified that yes, the item was damaged.

Once we have that claim form, we will file the damage claim with Japan Post. The process generally takes about 2 to 3 months to receive the payout from Japan Post. The reason it takes so long is it needs to go up the chain to the international post office here in Japan, then they contact your country’s postal service, eg USPS, and then they launch their own investigation in to what happened. Then it has to go back up the chain, back across to Japan, and then back down the chain to us. That is why there is so much time involved.

We will contact you once the claim has been approved and paid to us.

Please note that if you chose a cheaper shipping method that did not have full insurance then you will only receive a payout up to that limited insurance amount. We cannot cover the difference for you as you chose that shipping method in our online billing system.

For items sent by DHL

All packages sent by DHL come with insurance. We will contact our DHL representative and file the insurance claim. You do need need to do anything until we contact you again with updates. DHL is generally quite quick and pays claims within about a month or so.



Category: Shipping

If you check the online tracking of your package and your package is taking longer than the estimated times for shipping method you paid for, please contact us.

Please note: That there are no refunds or discounts for late packages as all shipping times are estimates and should only be used as a guide.

Estimated shipping times:

All times are business days only and do not include weekends/holidays etc.

Japan Post

EMS – Approximately 3 to 7 days

SAL – Approximately 2 to 3 weeks

Sea post – Approximately 6 to 12 weeks

e-Packet – Approximately 6 to 12 days

SAL small packet – Approximately 2 to 3 weeks

Please note: Postal services give priority to express services like EMS so that often means delays are more common with cheaper shipping options. There may also be other delays due to natural disasters like floods or typhoons etc.


Worldwide Express – Approximately 2 to 4 days

When should you contact us?

You should contact us at least a week after the longest estimated time for your shipping method. So, if you chose SAL for example, you should contact us if you have not received the package after 4 weeks.

At the same time, we recommend that you contact your local postal service by phone to the central call center. The local post offices usually won’t be able to help like the central call center can. See if they can do anything first as the quickest result often comes from the receiver’s end as that postal service has the package so they can action it quicker than Japan Post can.

What will we do?

The first thing we will do is add your package to our list of packages that get checked every day. We watch the packages and see if they move. If it does not move after about a week, then we will file an investigation with Japan Post to see if they can find out what has happened to the package and if they can get it moving on it’s way to you.

How long do investigations take?

Investigations can generally take a month or more to get a response. The reason it takes so long is because it has to go from the post office we sent the package from, all the way up to the chain in Japan Post to the international post office and then over to your country’s postal service, down the chain to the local area where the package is and then all the way back again. As you can imagine, there are a lot of people that it passes through so that is why it takes so long to get an answer. That is why we recommend you get in contact with your local postal service as well.

What happens next?

That depends on the outcome of the investigation. Hopefully, the package has been found and it ends up making it’s way to you. That is the best result.

If the package ends up being lost, Japan Post or DHL will pay out insurance up to the value that the package is insured for. We will then refund that amount back to you. If you paid for a shipping method with limited insurance coverage, you will only be refunded up to that amount, plus the cost of international shipping. If you paid for full coverage, then you will receive the full amount back, including the international shipping.


Category: Shipping

We use Japan Post, DHL, and Yamato to send items to our customers. Please note that all services are delivered door to door so you do not have to pick up products at ports or depots.

Japan Post

EMS – Approximately 3 to 7 days to most places in the world by air. This is the most expensive option, but also the fastest. EMS also offers the best shipping insurance in case something goes wrong. (currently unavailable to many countries due to covid-19)

SAL – Approximately 2 to 3 weeks to most places in the world by air/ground. This is a mid-range shipping option that works out a little cheaper than EMS on a lot of items, but is slightly slower. Unlike EMS, insurance is limited. (currently unavailable due to covid-19)

Sea post – Approximately 6 to 9 weeks to most places in the world by sea. This is the slowest shipping option, but also the most cost effective. Sea post, like SAL, has limited insurance.

e-Packet – This is special online only service from Japan Post for small items up to 2kg. It is cheaper than EMS and takes a few days longer. It is a really great balanced option for small packages. (currently unavailable to many countries due to covid-19)

SAL small packet – This is special online only service from Japan Post for small items up to 2kg. It is cheaper than e-Packet and takes a little longer. It is the cheapest shipping method available for small packages. (currently unavailable due to covid-19)


DHL Worldwide Express – DHL is best for large, heavy items like wheels. DHL can also be used for items that over over Japan Post’s maximum size/weight limits. DHL takes around 2 to 4 days (plus covid-19 related delays) to almost anywhere in the world. DHL is also a fast alternative to EMS, which is currently not available to many countries due to covid-19.


Yamato International Courier – Yamato is best for smaller packages. Usually takes around 7 to 10 days (plus covid-19 related delays). For small items under 2kg and under 60 size (length + width + height < 60cm), it is only a little more expensive than EMS was so it can be a more cost effective option compared to DHL if you don't mind waiting a few  extra days. All of the above options come with online tracking so you can keep an eye on the package as it makes it way to you.

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In general, we choose the cheapest domestic shipping method that the seller offers to save you money. If the item is expensive or rare, then we may opt to use a shipping method from the seller that comes with tracking and insurance. This may be more expensive, but will cover your product in case of any damage in transit from the seller to our warehouse. We will make a judgement call at the time.

If you have a preferred doemstic shipping method from the seller to our warehouse (not international shipping), please tell us before the auction finishes. In the case of a “buy now” auction, please reply to the automated email from our system that says your item has been ordered.


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Yes, we can. Please contact us before bidding to get the OK first as there are a few things that we need to check with you beforehand. If everything is fine, then we will ship to Japan for you.


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