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Yahoo Auctions in English real-time self-bidding site

Yahoo Shopping in English buying site

KaiGuys August 2018 campaign:

Like our Facebook page and we will give you an exclusive discount coupon to use when bidding on auctions. Simply contact us after you have liked it and we will send that coupon to you!

What is KaiGuys?

We are a company based on Osaka, Japan, which helps people from all over the world purchase items direct from Japan.

What does KaiGuys mean?

Kai in Japanese means buying/shopping (買い). It is also a play on the word kaigai (海外 pronounced kai guy) which means overseas/abroad. We are the guys who buy from Japan and send to you anywhere in the world.

How can I order?

To order, please bid on auctions through our Yahoo Auctions in English self-bidding site or buy items through our Yahoo Shopping in English buying site.

Can you order products other than from Yahoo Auctions or Yahoo Shopping?

We sure can! Please send us an email using our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.